Production of some handicraft items of brass artwares was started by Mr. Jameel Ahmad, the founder of company, in 1964 on a very small level.
He achieved the confidence of his buyers by making the designs & quality as per their requirements & within a short period he took this business to great heights by his extra hardwork put in making quality products. He became a renowned name in the category of Home Decorative Accessories and became a respected supplier among the exporters of brass artwares in the city of Brass. He supplied these products to a number of exporters of brass artwares in Moradabad for several decades. These products were being exported to foreign markets by these exporters.
During 1993 this business was joined by Mr. Iqbal Nadeem. A company with the title of "I.J.Exports" was formed primarily to market these products in overseas markets. The company started marketing his products directly in overseas markets in 1993. These products were well accepted in US & Europe markets. At the same time the company started making the decorative lamp bases for portable & floor lamps and introduced some very good designs in the market. In year 2000 we start developments on sketches & reproduction on demand of some of our High end buyers who were unsatsfied by other factories. Now the company prefers to develop new designs in all categories as per buyers requirements and specifications and also reproduction taking very short period of time with minimal cost. Renowned for their exclusive designing and excellent craftsmanship, our products have been exported and appreciated in several countries across the world. Our highly skilled artisans are capable in making custom made object d'art based on sketch/photo-sample provided.